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SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2024

6:00PM – 8:00PM


Please join us for our Lynchburg Cru Vision Dinner – an evening of celebration to highlight the wonderful stories of God’s provision and movement at Lynchburg area colleges and high schools, and to share with you the future direction of the ministry! This event will be a dinner with special guest speakers and an invitation to participate financially in the ministry of Lynchburg Cru. Please join us, and invite friends that would be encouraged by what God is doing to make His name known!  Dress is formal attire.



Roger “Hersh” Hershey has been on staff with Cru for 50 years and served with the high school and university ministries and is presently a leader on the Great Lakes Regional team overseeing campuses all over Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. He has spoken to thousands of students during his years on staff and has helped many understand what an eternal perspective is. He has written a book, The Finishers, which talks in detail ­why this generation could be the one that completes the Great Commission and hastens the return of the King. Much beloved by Cru staff and students, we are excited to have Hersh with us at the dinner this year!




In 1888, The Craddock Terry Shoe Company was founded by John W. Craddock. The shoe company began a legacy in Lynchburg and grew into the 5th largest shoe company in the world.  Built on the edge of the James River, the shoe company factory immediately became the backbone of Lynchburg’s commercial success. During the peak of their success, the factory produced over 100,000 pairs of shoes every day, including women’s shoes, baby shoes, combat boots, and more.

In 2007, the original factory and the historic William King Building were fully converted into the Craddock Terry Hotel and Event Center. 

During the renovation great care was taken to retain the original industrial feel by using exposed wood beam ceilings, brick, stone exterior walls, and nine-foot-tall windows. 

Shoes are celebrated at the Craddock Terry Hotel with whimsical touches, including complimentary in-room continental breakfast served in an old-fashioned wooden shoeshine box, shoe-shaped signs to label each guestroom door, and shoeshine service available upon request. The hotel decor is accented with a unique collection of shoe memorabilia, which further ode the building’s unique heritage. 

This unique venue flaunts an atmosphere with granite and brick walls, high exposed ceilings, warm decor and stellar furnishings.  We can’t wait to celebrate this evening with you!