Summer Mission

North Africa Summer Mission

May 24 – June 28

Ministry Focus: College Campus/Launching spiritual movements

Cost: $4950

In addition to meeting with students and sharing the gospel, you’ll receive training in cross-cultural ministry. You’ll get to learn how to navigate a big city and even speak a little bit of Arabic! Our team will also have regular times of prayer and Bible study, and will try to do a small bit of sight-seeing.



Ocean City, MD

June 7 – Aug 10

Ministry Focus: Beach/Resort community (including co-workers)

Cost: $3300

Can a student get a job? Yes

Ocean City, MD has long been a favorite hot spot for high school seniors, college students, and families alike. With 27 blocks of boardwalk, an amusement park, and a beautiful beach, it’s the perfect environment for a great summer. Throw in a couple thousand international college students, living and working there, and you have a tremendous opportunity for a world-impacting ministry. The OCMD Summer Mission will place a high emphasis on student ownership and leadership development. Our hope is to help better prepare you to lead on your campus, and to equip you for a lifetime of personal ministry. If you love the beach, the boardwalk, personal ministry development, and reaching students from all around the world, then this is the Summer Mission for you.



Clearwater Beach, FL

Jun 2 – July 9

Ministry Focus: Beach/Resort community (including co-workers)

Cost: $4,200

Length: 8 weeks

Do you get a job? Yes




June 2 – August 11

Ministry Focus: Launching spiritual movements

Length: 11 weeks

Do you get a job? Yes





May 31 – Aug 7

Ministry Focus: Co-workers

Cost: $1975

All work at  Xanterra Parks and Resorts



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